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NAB Transact EMV 3D Secure & WordPress Gravity Forms

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The NAB Transact EMV 3D Secure & WordPress Gravity Forms plugin allows you to take payments within your Gravity Form and submit the transaction to your NAB Transact merchant account using NAB Transact’s EMV 3D Secure Program.

EMV 3D Secure is an authentication messaging protocol managed by EMVCo used for card-not-present e-commerce transactions to authenticate cardholders with their corresponding card issuers before proceeding with payments.

This offers frictionless fraud protection by allowing issuers to analyse the contextual data sent by merchants coming from the consumers and prompting consumers to verify their identity as a challenge, only on high-risk transactions.

By using the NAB Transact EMV 3D Secure Authentication Service which currently supports protocol version 1.0, you will be able to request authentication with the issuing bank before proceeding with your authorisation request. Depending
on the result of authentication, merchants or issuers can bear responsibility during chargebacks when the payment authorised is found to be fraudulent. To allow you to have the flexibility to decide whether to proceed with the payment authorisation or not, you will receive the authentication result, including the Liability Shift Indicator. You can then submit your payment authorisation request along with the authentication details via XML API or Direct Post, depending on your integration.

This particular integration uses the XML API.

To use the NAB Transact EMV 3D Secure Authentication Service, you must have a NAB Merchant facility, a NAB Transact eCommerce account and be approved to use the NAB Transact XML API.

In addition, you must be enrolled for EMV 3D Secure with the card schemes and your NAB Transact test and live account must be enabled for EMV 3D Secure.



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