CommWeb Hosted Checkout (MPGS API) & Gravity Forms

$249.00 / Year

The CommWeb Hosted Checkout model allows you to collect payment details from your payer through an interaction hosted and displayed by the CommWeb payment gateway. With this model of integration, you never see or handle payment details directly because these are collected by the hosted payment interface and submitted directly from the payer’s browser to the CommWeb payment gateway.


Supports 3D Secure

Hosted Checkout can be implemented as:

  • A Lightbox in a modal dialog over the top of your existing merchant website.
  • A Hosted Payment Page is a web page hosted and displayed by the CommWeb payment gateway.


  • Hosted Checkout is simple and quick to integrate.
  • You do not need to handle or store any payment details, thereby lowering PCI compliance costs.
  • You can use the theme offered by your payments services provider to display your Hosted Checkout interface. This allows you to leverage the brand of your payments service provider. A strong brand reduces payer’s reticence to provide payment details.
  • You can customize the content of the Hosted Checkout interface to display your business information.
  • If you have subscribed to notifications, you can choose to receive those if the payment is successful.
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