NAB Transact & Wordpress Gravity Forms

$249.00 / Year

The NAB Transact & Wordpress Gravity Forms allows you to take payments within your Gravity Form and submit the transaction to your NAB Transact merchant account.

This plugin uses the Direct Post implementation of the NAB Transact API.

NAB Transact Direct Post is a payment service that integrates seamlessly with an existing website both functionally and aesthetically by accepting customer data directly from a form on your web site. Unlike an API, Direct Post uses a browser redirect model, where data is transmitted directly from a customer’s web browser to NAB Transact and not to your own or a third party server.

Once the bank has processed the transaction, Direct Post redirects the customer back to a result page on your web site for order completion and fulfillment. NAB Transact can optionally send the result parameters to a back-end Callback URL on your website in order to enable seamless tracking of payments and orders, and to separate your systemic update from the browser process.

Change log:

[2.5.0] – 2023-10-25
*  Use wp_remote_post to send transaction to NAB

[2.4.7] – 2023-09-18
*  Add plugin to the plugin update manager to support automatic update checks and downloads.

[2.4.6] – 2023-08-17
*  Fix conditional submission not working

[2.4.5] – 2023-08-02
*  Check credit card expiration date

[2.4.4] – 2023-07-21
* Fix transaction message not show for confirmation type = page

[2.4.3] – 2023-03-09
* Update source code

[2.4.2] – 2023-03-07
* Fix not show confirmation

[2.4.1] – 2022-11-09
* Fix submit form seconds time after the first submit error