Securepay API WooCommerce Plugin

$119.00 / Year

The SecurePay API allows you to take payments on your web site in a PCI DSS compliant manner whilst retaining a much greater degree of control over the look & feel than is possible with other payment integrations.

Now supports Auth0 Authentication

1. Installation

  1. Login to your Wordpress admin interface
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click on the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page
  4. Browse your computer to find the downloaded extension, and upload the extension
  5. Click the Activate button to activate the extension

2. Configuration

  1. Click on WooCommerce > Settings then click on the Payments tab
  2. Find the SecurePay API payment method and click on the Manage button to open the configuration options
  3. Edit options where required and save
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Version 2.2.0
Released on 05th April 2024
– Updated: Add license checking function

Version 2.1.0
Released on 04th April 2024
– Updated: Support WooCommerce 8.x – Checkout block

Version 2.0.6
Released on 22th Sep 2023
– Fixed: handle_pre_auth_payment_submit being called when requesting a refund on other payment gateways.

Version 2.0.5
Released on 19th Sep 2023
– Fixed: Problem saving a card in custom securepay method

Version 2.0.4
Released on 18th Sep 2023
– Updated: Add plugin to the plugin update manager to support automatic update checks and downloads.

Version 2.0.3
Released on 13th July 2023
– Updated: Ensure that token is always present before making payment call

Version 2.0.2
Released on 21th June 2023
– Fixed: ApplePay not working

Version 2.0.1
Released on 20th June 2023

Version 2.0.0
Released on 19th May 2023
– Removed: unused gateways

Version 1.3.3
Released on 04th April 2023
– Fixed: Order IP is empty
– Added: Add setting Send WooCommerce Order ID to SecurePay

Version 1.3.2
Released on 17th Jan 2023
– Fixed: pass the `orderId` in request

Version 1.3.1
Released on 9th September 2022
– Fixed issue wth Cardholder name display
– Minor fixes

Version 1.3.0
Released on 29th July 2022
– Added support for DCC, FraudGuard, 3DS 3

Version 1.2.0
Released on 26th July 2021
– Added support for new Auth0 Authentication

Version 1.1.3
Released on 12th November 2020
– Added SecurePay declined error message to order note

Version 1.1.1
Released on 15th September 2020
– Resized SecurePay logo

Version 1.1
Released on 1st September 2020
– Add WooCommerce debug log
– Initialise frontend iframe only once to avoid error