Gravity Forms & ClickUp Integration Plugin

$49.00 / Year

The Gravity Forms & ClickUp integration add-on plugin allows you to create a ClickUp Task from your Gravity Form submission.

Synchronise your Gravity Forms submissions to your ClickUp account.

The plugin configuration allows you to choose a Space > Folder > List location to create the task in.

You can also choose an assignee & status for the task, create a title from a form field and create the description from custom content combined with Gravity Forms merge fields.


Installation Instructions

  1. First you will need your Team ID, Publishable Key from the ClickUp API
  2. Login to your Wordpress admin
  3. Navigate to your Plugins menu and click on Add New Plugin
  4. Upload the plugin zip and activate the plugin
  5. Navigate to Forms > Settings and click on the ClickUp tab
  6. Complete the Merchant Id, Publishable Key and Secret Key values and save
  7. For each form you want to sync your Gravity Forms submission data to, click on Settings > ClickUp and complete the following fields.
    1. Space – your ClickUp Space
    2. Folder – your ClickUp folder within the selected Space
    3. List – your ClickUp list within the selected Folder
    4. Status – the ClickUp status of the task that will be created
    5. Assignee – who will be assigned to this task
    6. Task Title – select a field within the form that will be used for the Task Title
    7. Task Description – text and merge field data for the description of the task