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ANZ eGate Server Hosted Plugin for WordPress Gravity Forms

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ANZ eGate Virtual Payment Client 3 Party Plugin (Server Hosted) for Gravity Forms

Plugin supports latest 3D Secure v2 integration and the following request parameters

  • vpc_3ds2DataVersion
  • vpc_3ds2AuthenticatePayer
  • vpc_Return3ds2Details

3D Secure V2 must be enabled for the merchant in order to take advantage of these additional fields.



Server-Hosted transactions use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to provide secure transmission of sensitive data between a customer’s web browser and the MIGS Payment Server.

  1. A customer decides to purchase goods and enter details into the merchant’s shop and buy goods at the checkout page.
  2. The customer pays for the goods and the merchant software sends a Virtual Payment Client transaction request to the MIGS Payment Server, using an Access Code which is unique to each merchant. In addition, data integrity is protected by use of a Secure Hash Secret.
  3. The MIGS Payment Server receives the customer’s card details and displays a series of screens. The first screen displays the cards supported by the processor supports, for example MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. The customer chooses the card type they want to use for the transaction. The second screen accepts the details for the chosen card such as card number, card expiry, a card security number if required.
  4. The MIGS Payment Server passes the details to the card issuing institution. When the payment has been processed, the MIGS Payment Server temporarily displays the result of the transaction before displaying the final screen, which asks the customer to please wait while they are redirected back to the merchant’s site and the MIGS Payment Server passes the result back to the merchant’s site detailing the result of the transaction. This information is then passed back to the user for their records


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