Alan Storm’s No Frills Command Line Magento eBook

A must have ebook for any Magento dev or administrator.

If you’re not familiar with Alan Storm and you’re a Magento dev then you need to check him out. Alan’s the author of arguably the best Magento debug tool available: Commerce Bug, now into it’s 2nd major release.

No Frills Command Line Magento is two things:

First, it’s a primer/manual for the popular and powerful n98-magerun tool. This command line tool automates and simplifies many of Magento’s administrative tasks, and is a no brainer if you’re handling day to day IT tasks related to Magento administration.

Secondly, No Frills Command Line Magento is a survey of modern PHP development. In teaching you about n98-magerun, you’ll also get a high level overviews of

PHP phar Archives
PHP Composer
PHP Namespaces
PHP Phing
Symfony’s Console Application Framework
Unix Shell Scripting

Beyond learning about these important development topics, the process of installing, building, and running n98-magerun will give you a methodology for approaching any new PHP project. No Frills Command Line Magento is a great, (and quick), read for those developers looking to hop on the programming track and take a step up from the world of entry level blue collar development.

This book is for PHP programmers of all experience levels. If you can install Magento and run ls from the terminal, there’s something for you in this book.

Check out the No Frills Command Line Magento at