Commonwealth Bank (CommWeb) Australia & WooCommerce

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NOTE: if you require the new Commweb V2 API plugin, you can purchase that here:

Commonwealth Bank (CommWeb) / WooCommerce SHA256 Payment Gateway solution to accept credit card payments online and directly transferred into your merchant account via Commonwealth Bank (CommWeb) and through your WooCommerce shopping cart.

Bank Hosted (3-Party) and Merchant Hosted (2-Party) versions available.

Bank Hosted version uses latest MR25 API with enhanced SHA256 encryption.

Please specify whether you want the merchant hosted or bank hosted version when placing your order.

Beware of cheap WooCommerce plugins offering no support and not kept up to date with the frequent WooCommerce version upgrades.

2 Party option now updated to use SHA256 encryption instead of MD5

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Install Type

Plugin or Code only, Plugin + Install

Integration Method

2 Party (Merchant Hosted), 3 Party (Bank Hosted)

What's Included When you purchase a plugin, we will supply you with the following:
  • Plugin in INSTALLABLE format
  • Installation instructions
  • Code for one (1) data transport method (i.e. if you want API or Hosted Payment Page)
  • Ticket Based Support for 90 days
Plugin or Code Only

A plugin is supplied with an installation guide. Some plugins are easy to install, while others require a good technical knowledge. This differs based on your payment gateway or Bank chosen and your software or Content Management System. Some Bank's may require you to install certain software on your server while others are simply plug and play.

The same goes for Content Management Systems, some have advanced installation systems, others are rudimentary.

We recommend purchasing an installation if you have low technical expertise as minimal support is provided for Code Only purchases.

Install for you

We will install the payment gateway plugin, and download any necessary files required by your Bank or payment gateway and liaise with the Technical team of your Bank or payment gateway as required.

We will perform testing on your website in test mode, and once confirmed that it is ready to go live, we will run a further live credit card test on your gateway to confirm that everything is working before delivering it to you.

3D Secure, plus Installation

This includes the fully Project Managed installation of the plugin and testing, plus 3D secure installation.

3D secure is a fraud minimisation programme which helps to reduce the number of charge-backs on a website. 3D Secure will in the near future be a requirement through all Banks and payment gateways with VISA and MasterCard pushing for all online transactions to run through 3D secure (Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode).

We will install and test the installation of 3D secure on your website ensuring that it meets exacting standards.

EV SSL plus Installation

EV SSL, or Extended Validation SSL is an SSL Certificate which shows the Company Name and a bright green bar or Extended Validation bar at the top of the browser window.

The Extended Validation SSL Certificate includes a Standard Validation SSL as well while the EV is being approved. This system is used by all of the major companies and provides a higher level of trust by consumers purchasing as they know that they are on a legitimate site run by a legitimate business.

The Extended Validation SSL is a way to increase sales on your website and to boost consumer confidence. This includes the Full Install for you from above.

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